Adventures in Unity – 2.1 Introduction


My second project with unity.

For this, I decided, rather than expanding project 1 (something I’d like to do in the future) – I’d write a completely new game.

I wanted something a little larger – But still keeping the scale ‘reasonable’ – So I can learn & play while I develop.

Eventually setting on a remake of ‘Bounder‘ – a Commodore 64 game released by Gremlin Graphics in 1985.


The cassette inlay explains;

Move Bounder ( tennis ball ) around screen, bouncing on hexagonal
slabs only.  If you miss, you fall to your death. Be sure to
identify mountains and walls as you can't go over them, you must
go around. Any collision means you lose  a life.


(Note – slabs are in fact rectangular with a hexagonal design)

This long play video demonstrates C64 gameplay;

It’s worth noting that Urbanscan a company owned by Ian Stewart (one of Gremlin Graphics founders) – Has released a new version of Bounder on the app store.

Putting this together, I’m intending to try and re-use projects 1’s structure\GSM – maybe tidied & tightened a little – Which will hopefully allow me to focus more on the game itself.

Ideally I’d like to build a more conservative version first – which I can release as a WebGL game. Which I can then expand upon to create a PC version – Allowing me to add 3D models/animations, more involved shaders, etc… Stuff I havn’t really implemented so far… Also allowing me to setup & try out the type & range of configuration options PC gamers expect to see.

Rather than updating every week – This time I’ll try to update every milestone (working on this part time this will more time between blog entries; but hopefully they will be more meaningful when I do publish them).

Lets see how this goes 🙂

Play the game (WebGL)

Next post: 2.2 Framework

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