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Hi – My name is Scott Lewis, I develop video games under the ‘20 Goto 10‘ banner.


Initially developing games for the Xbox 360, publishing EOLMagic Thighs & Slightly Phil, Twist Imperfect, Fat Cow · Hot AirnorT:Tron ’84


I followed these up with four small ‘one-tap’ Android games; Bit:Run, Bit:Rise, Bit:Fall & Bit:Shift


Currently I’m slowly teaching myself Unity & looking for a job (who knew it was possible to make so little money making indie video games? 🙂 )


I thought I’d try writing a blog – maybe update as I develop new games, post-mortem past projects – Try to give some perspective on what seemed to work & where I went wrong.


I hope you stick around to see how things go.

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